Advertising Information for Comic Shop News

Comic Shop News readers are the best customers of the best shops, the "cream-of-the-crop" of the direct market. No other source offers you exposure to the best customers at the finest shops across the U.S. and Canada. Rates are very reasonable and begin as low as $89 for a full-color ad.

Comic Shop News is distributed weekly by over 500 comic book shops worldwide. Part of our agreement with the retailers who distribute CSN is that we accept only ads for products available in or associated with the shops. No ads that compete with the retailers are accepted.

For specifics on pricing, email Ward Batty at If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch

Your ad should be a point-of-purchase ad to encourage sales in the shops or to stimulate higher retailer orders. No subscription offers or through-the-mail advertisements are acceptable. In fact, we ask that you don't put your company address in the ad. The purpose of Comic Shop News is to stimulate sales in the shop, which is really what the direct market is about.

Consider this: CSN comes unbagged with no special cards or other promotional gimmicks. People pick up CSN each week to read it. There's no chance that collectors won't open the poly-bag for fear of ruining its value.  

With more and more new publishers coming in, you need prominent exposure to stand out from the pack. With more ads, we can do more 12 and 16-page issues and therefore increase coverage for companies like yours. Nobody covers a wider variety of publishers than CSN, despite the fact that DC, Marvel, Dynamite and Diamond take out over 90% of all ads in CSN. Don't your comics deserve such exposure? 

The more ads we get, the larger the publication is and, therefore, the more we can cover. So advertising in CSN gets you double-coverage: the ad itself and the increased coverage we can give to books like yours!  

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